Crematoriums of the Holocaust

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-Common Questions-

What were the crematoriums?

They were buildings that contained gas chambers and furnaces for burning corpses. In the gas chambers Zyklon B was used as a mass murdering tool. Germans started testing this system in the September of 1941. The furnaces were used to burn the corpses and turn them into ashes. Inside of these buildings there was also facilities for dissecting bodies and removing gold teeth.

Who was placed in the crematoriums?

At most concentration camps all women and children were taken to the crematoriums. Also any man who was not in good enough physical health to work at the concentration camps was put in the crematorium. During selection, if you weren't in good enough physical health you were sent there.

What was it like inside the crematoriums?

In front of the gas chambers was a dressing room. On the dressing room walls was written “Put shoes into the cubbyholes and tie them together so you will not lose them. After the showers you will receive hot coffee”. After they stripped naked they were then pushed into a room. When the room was full they would through babies through the windows. Zyklon B was then let into the chamber. The victim's lungs burst. The chamber was then opened. The people who still showed sign of life were beaten to death. The corpses were pulled out and were removed of their rings and their heads were shaved. The rings and hair were then packaged and shipped to factories. The corpses were put in piles of ten. They were then taken to the ovens. The oven hinges literally melted off from the heat. However if the ovens were not working the corpses were thrown into fire trenches.

How many crematoriums were there?

The number of all the crematoriums used in the Holocaust is unknown because many were destroyed. However Auschwitz-Birkenau known as "The Death Factory" had 5 crematoriums. Most sub camps had gas chambers. Some sub camps did not have furnaces so the corpses were thrown into fire trenches.

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