The Lightining Theif

By Ethan Harness Written by Rick Riordan


Percy Jackson, a young boy has been kicked out of school after school because of his rambunctius behavior. Everything bad happens to him, but suddenly he turns out to be a half blood, a child of a greek god and a mortal parent. He than must go on a journey to find Zeus master bolt in 10 days. Or else, the world will go to chaos.

Main Charecter

Percy Jackson is a 12 year old boy born in New York City. His mom is a poor teacher scraping by. His dad is the greek god of the sea.


Annabeth is another 12 year old girl born in New York City. Her dad is a ancient history proffesor but they dont get along. Her mom is the greek god of wisdom, Athena.


Luke is a 15 year old boy born in San Fransico. His mom has a mental disorder and his dad is the greek messenger, Hermes. Its important to mention that they do not get along due to the fact that his dad never has come to meet him.