By: Mitchell Muenz


In my own words perseverance is that time that it took you to get through the adversities. I think this because when you persevere its not just a few moments of someones adversity it is the whole road that is taken to get to it.

Jackie Robinson-Problem soltution

Jackie Robinson is a great example of perseverance because he broke the color barrier in baseball. J.R. is a African American man who loved to play baseball and he played it through his live till a man who had an idea that was very risky. He wanted to break the color barrier in major league baseball. In baseball people thought that blacks weren't allowed because they thought that the blacks had basketball which was enough for them. But one man didn't think that. He thought that the whole world needed to be equal and he though that he should start with baseball. He needed to find a man who was very hard to break down and could take all of the mean comments. That man was Jackie Robinson. He thought that he could do it. Jackie's first game was a nightmare. He was impaled by racial comments and he was taking a lot. But he stayed strong and he made it through all of the games that he had.

Kid President-Cause and Effect

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Winston Churchill-Description

Winston Churchill was the prime minister of britain from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. He also led Britain's fight against Nazi Germany in World War II. He was known for his inspiring speeches to help boost Britain's confidence during the war. He gave multiple speeches to help out the British. He spoke with the president of the U.S. which at the time was Franklin D. Roosevelt. They met to plan attacks that would favor the British. He was the bravest man in Great Britain at the time of World War II. Which is another reason why he gave all of those speeches to help boost Britain's confidence.

Lady Jags-Sequence

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Paul Smith-Sequence

Paul Smith is a artist that has impaired movement. He not only is an artist but all of his art is done by a typewriter. It amazes me, not only does he have impaired movement but he does all of his art with letters and symbols from a typewriter. The solution to his problem is for him to do art. He loves and enjoys making it. When he sits in the chair at his typewriter he goes into a phase that makes him do all of the movements automatically. As well as his mind is only thinking about art and the beauty of it.


As told in the articles, perseverance takes time and is amazing. The most amazing one in my opinion is Paul Smith's story. I think it's the most amazing because he has impaired movement and is making art with a typewriter. I persevere everyday, but its a lot smaller. I persevere through school everyday and many other things. But the things that these people do is amazing to me and how they are so confident in themselves and have the patience to go through perseverance.