2nd General Body Meeting Minutes

September 8th, 2015

Thanks for coming out to our 2nd General Body Meeting! We had tons of fun making awesome posters with you guys, we are definitely ready for Battle of the Orgs now. Here is everything we discussed and don't forget to sign-up and help out!

CHECKOUT THE FB PAGE FOR PICS --> https://www.facebook.com/AASAUGA

Battle of the Orgs

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When: September 12th, 7PM - 9PM

Where: Memorial Ballroom, Memorial Hall


Food will be provided

What is Battle of the Orgs? A battle of talents from all types of performances representing their org on UGA campus! Come out and see who the judges will choose and who the people will choose. A prize will be awarded to the Judge's Choice and People's Choice!

Want to help out? Sign-up here! --> http://bit.ly/1KSwXTb

Connect to the FB event --> https://www.facebook.com/events/950947811631280/

Mid-Autumn Festival with CLS and CLCA

When: September 24th, Time TBA

Where: Myers Quad (in case of bad weather, Journalism 515)

Mooncakes and snacks will be provided

Come out and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with us, the Chinese Language Society and the Cantonese Language & Culture Association! It will be a fun night where we eat moon cake, decorate lanterns, and appreciate the story and tradition of the moon.

Connect to the FB event --> https://www.facebook.com/events/944159482296817/


When: October 8th, 6PM - 8PM

Where: Memorial Ballroom, Memorial Hall

Snacks will be provided.

We are excited to bring Dan Matthew, Youtuber star DanAKADan. This event will focus on Dan's personal journey to explore his identity as a Korean American adoptee. After he shares his journey, he will be doing a music performance, check out some of his work here --> http://bit.ly/1NEQe0s

Want to help out? Sign-up here! --> http://bit.ly/1EnqFhr

AASA Olympics

When: October 10th, Time TBA

Where: Myers Quad & Ramsey

Lunch will be provided.

Come out for tons of fun! You don't have to athletic to participate, we will make sure to be all inclusive :) We will be playing ultimate frisbee, flag football, soccer, and volleyball!

Sign-up for your teams and to be team captain! --> http://bit.ly/1EnrXJf

Red Cross Blood Drive

When: October 14th, Time TBA

Where: TBA

A volunteer opportunity where you can help people sign-in and out of the blood drive, and administer food after patients have given blood.

Want to help out? Sign up here! --> http://bit.ly/1EFE4BY

T-Shirt Design Competition

DEADLINE: October 20th (5th GBM)

We are looking for a super awesome, new t-shirt design for this year's Lunar New Year Festival! The next zodiac year is the year of the monkey, if anyone needs a starting point. To participate in this competition, you must like us on all of our social media platforms (links at bottom of email).

The winner will receive:

  • FREE membership dues
  • 2 AASA t-shirts
  • 2 tickets to our Lunar New Year Festival!

Participants are not allowed to use the arch, the G, the dog, or the phrase “How bout them dawgs” unless you have a really good idea (these are trademarks and needs University approval).

Submit your super awesome designs to --> aasa.sec@gmail.com

Miss International Pageant

When: November 14th

Where: Memorial Ballroom

The Caribbean Student Association (CaribSA) is hosting a Miss International Pageant and they reached out to us to expand their diversity. More details to come!

Interested? Sign-up here! --> http://bit.ly/1JTGltp

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Contact Info:

President - aasa.president@gmail.com

Secretary - aasa.sec@gmail.com

Office Hours (410H Memorial Hall)

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