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We at Brooklyn are proud to call Detroit home to our central offices. Detroit is one of the most desired up and coming of the top markets in the US. We are very passionate and dedicated to bringing the vibrant, magical, and energetic city that we love "back". Detroit is rapidly changing and transforming before our very eyes becoming an epicenter of creativity, entrepreneurship, nightlife, and community. Make sure that Brooklyn is your first stop to get the latest in Detroit and contact your sales rep for an updated media kit of the spectacular inventory we are offer across the beautiful state of Michigan!

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For Media Kit and Rates, Please reach out to your Brooklyn Sales Rep:

Candice Simons
c. 248.705.6085

Dave Pidgeon

c. 206.962.9111

Katherine Vanderbush

c. 585.749.9530

Emily Nelson

c. 248.761.2907

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