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February Newslettter

Stats from February!!!

Great job ladies!! The weather is getting nice, everyone is planning vacations and will be out and about!! They will need Thirty one in their life to help keep them organized on the go! People still want to get together and party with Friends, make it fun, have a theme party! There is some kind of holiday every month.

Who do you know thay could use Thirty one in their life? Fundraisers are a great way to get new contacts as well. Please reach out for help!! I am working my tail off this month to earn the Trip to Puenta Cana, I know that I can count on you ladies to cheer me on!! I wouldn't be able to do it without you!!! xoxo




Top Party Sales in February!

Jenna- $953.00

Pamela- $367.00

Melissa- $238.00

Party Girls! Total parties in February 7!!!

Jenna Tasker- 1

Pamela Farquharson 1

Melissa Powell 1

Better together Event! The event below I am co-hosting- Please attend any event in the area that works for you!

Thursday, April 21st, 7-9pm

3 West Road

Newtown, PA

New season means more reasons to celebrate, encourage and reward each other, and we’re continuing the spring excitement with our special “Better Together” events being held in locations across the country.

Mark your calendar to invest in your business – and yourself – by joining your Thirty-One sisters for some face-to-face fun, training and inspiration.

At this special event you’ll receive tools to help you bring more people to the party, grow your team and set goals for your best season ever.

And, as always, we’ll be taking time to recognize all of your amazing achievements over the past few months.

Dates to register to register are 3/18/2016 to 3/28/2016

Better Together Event- I am hosting this one during the day!

Monday, April 18th, 9:30-11am

30 Viaduct Lane

Levittown, PA

Great Training!! same details as above-- Learn about the new personalization that is out from 4/1 to 7/31/2016-
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Spring Gift Guide!!!

OK ladies, as we know, the Spring gift guide is available to view on TOT for CONSULTANTS today. However... DO NOT share yet with customers. There are 2 weeks left in March and sharing too early could sabotage your March sales
Wait until next week and post some teasers like "big news coming soon". & get them to invite friends to your closed group before April 1 release date
You can also pre-order the FLIERS (not products) from business supply starting today. Search - gift guide in business supply and you will find packs of 25 for just $3.50/pk.
Think of your business as a date --- you don't give up all the "goodies" on the first date. Keep a little mystery alive ladies ....
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May 31: Last day to register for $99USD

June-Conference: Check back on details when registration will reopen! From June to onsite at Conference, you can register for $149USD (a $50USD late fee will be applied). New Consultants (enrolled June 1, 2016 or later) can always register for $99USD.

You may bring an unlimited number of guests to Conference, as long as the guest is NOT a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant. Anyone 24 months or older must be registered as a guest (23 months and younger is free).

$35USD Guest Pass includes:

  • Access to all General Sessions
  • Special Conference guest t-shirt
  • Access to H.O.T. class (Husbands of Thirty-One) for your significant other or support person

Heather Evans- Sapphire Stars

My stats for February 2016

PV- $2,652.00

Parties- 4

New team members- 0

My commission- Just ask!

I am here to help you!!! Please reach out!!!