Biology Project

India Madison

Sexual Reproduction

Sexual reproduction- process by which cells forms two different parents unite to produce the first cell of a new organism. The cell will come endangered.

Female Reproduction System

The function of the female reproductive system is to produce ova. In addition the female reproductive system prepares the females body to nourish a developing embryo.

Female vocab

Vagina-leads to outside of the body

Ovary-produces eggs

Oviduct-the egg cell gets swept into a long tubular structure

Uterus-a peared shaped organ with thick muscular walls

Female Menstrual Cycle

In addition to ovulation another critical function occur menstrual cycle. The levels of estrogen and progesterone increased dramatically.

Male Reproductive System

Produce male gametes

To deposit the sperm cells it produces inside the female.

Make Reproductive System Vocab

Semen-consists of fructose a sugar that provides an additional source of energy for the sperm.

Sperm-male gametes

Testes-are a great tiny tubes or tubules

Male Sperm

A sperm cell consist a head which contains a highly condensed nucleus

A mid piece which is packed with energy releasing mitochondria

A tail which propels the cell forward

Importance of Hormones

Testosterone-the main sex hormone estrogen and progesterone are produced and released from the ovaries.

Human Embryonic Development

The process of a sperm joining an egg is called fertilization.

Placenta-organ in mammals through which nutrients