Immune Sytem

Dhel Marie Perez


To protect the body from harmful foreign objects that might affect the body negatively. The immune system acts as a barrier and specialist to kill bacteria and leave memory cells for the body not to be infected.
Pathogen- bacteria or virus that can cause disease

Active immunity- results that production of the antibody is in response to the presence of the antigen

Passive Immunity- short term immunity of introduction of antibodies through animal or person

Antigen- a foreign substance that induces the production of the antibodies

Antibody- a blood protein produced for an antigen and chemically combines withe foreign substance for the body to know it is an alien

The common cold

A Viral Infection of the throat and nose.


Runny Nose


Redness in the nose




Vick's Vapo Rub

Over the counter medicine

Cough drops

Antibiotics vs. Bacteria vs. Virus

Antibiotics work on bacteria because they do not live the a host cell and can be easily detected for the immune system to break down its membrane. The virus lives in a host cell and is unable to be detected nor be killed by antibiotics.