Mark Zuckerberg

By Sean G.


Creator - As a child his friends would literally bring him drawings or ideas and he'd make a computer game out of it.

Charitable - On December 1, 2015 Mark and his wife Priscilla Chan announced that they would donate 99% of their profits to "advancing human potential and promoting equality."

Caring - In an interview with Mark he attributed his success to simply because he "cared more."

Why is Mark Zuckerberg successful?

Mark Zuckerberg is successful for not only making a profit of over $50 billion dollars but becuase of the amazing technological and cultural break throughs that he brought to the world. In college at Harvard University he came up with the idea of a social networking website that would be able to connect people across the globe with the touch of a button. As well as this, he also has good strong morals (which I feel makes people successful) and he has a strong desire to make this world a better and more productive place. This is exemplified by his descision to donate 99% of his profits to "advancing human potential and promoting equality."