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Sigma Alpha Mu - Epilson Alpha Alumni Spring 2016 Newsletter

Welcome Epsilon Alpha Brothers!

"The Fast & Firm" alumni newsletter is designed to help alumni foster stronger relationships among active and postgraduate members of the Sigma Alpha Mu Epsilon Alpha chapter.
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Alumni Weekend and Career Fair

The Chapter will be holding Alumni Weekend on the weekend of February 26-28. Included in the weekend is the first annual Career Fair designed to allow alumni to share their professional experience and advice with chapter members to help them prepare for life after college.

The Career Fair will be Saturday, February 27 at 11:30 in the Baker Pattillo Center.

The Career Fair will allow alumni to address the following topics:

Networking Skills - benefiting the chapter by meeting alumni in different career fields to add to their network of contacts. Brothers will learn about several opportunities available to them in their career path and general advice regarding post-graduate life.

Jobs - educating the chapter about different positions and careers in your particular field. Discussion will revolve around ways you found success while looking for jobs and how to succeed once employed. Give great advice for an interview. describe skills required for your job, excel, typing, communication skills, account receivables, etc.

Internships - describe how internships and previous work experience can affect their career path. Discuss various internships and opportunities in our network of family and friends.

Gaining Experience - advice regading skills that need to improve upon in order to be successful. (email communication, organizational, sales, technical skill, grad school, training, etc) resume advice, social skills, general advice.

Learning about Employers - what do our employers look for in new hires? What type of work load and responsibilities will they have. Managing the 9-5 workplace environment, advice for how to effectively communicate with our superiors, etc.

Contact Ben Tompkins at 214-543-6106 or for more information.

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Alumni News

Birth Announcements

Texas and Whitney Reardon, a daughter Abigail Kathleen Reardon, born January 29, 2016.

Wedding Announcements

Chris Herrin and Bethany Lee Broussard married on January 15, 2016 in McKinney, TX.


Rob Davis, Senior Survey Project Master at Cobb, Fendley, & Associates in Frisco, TX.

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