No Promises in the Wind


No Promises in the Wind

The title of the book relates to the theme because when your on your own there is no promise of how things are going to turn out. Josh and his brother joey are on their own. They have to learn to survive without being able to rely on anyone but themselves. This book shows some challenges you have to overcome by being independant. It shows no matter what difficulties you face, you can always get through them.

Conflict and Outcome-Man vs. Nature

This is a conflict in the story because Josh and Joey have to try to make it through the harsh weather. The boys are on their own, so they usually have to sleep on a bench or under stairs. They also don't have many clothes so when its cold they have to tough it out. Sometimes they would get lucky and someone would let them in their house to warm up and maybe sleep. The winter was the hardest, but summer was not nearly as difficult.

Characters Remarks/Actions

Jjosh was really sick of his dad treating him badly and lashing out at him. His mom sides with his dad because she says once the mother sides with her children the whole family is ruined. His mom says its just because hes under a lot of stress and he has a lot of things on his sholders. josh desnt feel that way though, he doesnt conditer the situation his dad is in. So thats why he decides to leave with joey and howie. when howie dies, Josh has to take care of joey all by him self. Josh struggles at begging for food because people dont feel as bad for him as when his brother joey does it. Joey uses his cuetness to get what he wants. One example is when joey goes up to a house and asks for food and the family gives him a whole loaf of bread. When he asked someone else for food they yelled at him and slammed the door in his face. Joey didnt give up though, he just went to the next house. No matter how many times they get rejected, they still keep trying.

Contrast between characters

Josh and Joey both left home and miss their parents but they both deal with it differently. Joey isn't shy about his feelings tword anything. So its not uncommon for him to talk about his parents or say how he wonders how their doing. Josh on the other hand is very closed about certain things. He doesnt like to admit how he feels about anything , especially his parents. So at the end when he gets homesick and says he wants to go home was very strange.