All about comets


General information

1. a comet is made out of ice is by jupiter, and mars has it's own elipitical orbit and orbital path

Physical apperance

A comet is an icy solar system body that when passing around the sun heats up and starts to give gas. Comets usually have highly elliptical orbit they have a wide range.
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size comparaison

A comet looks like a shooting star but bigger and brighter a dwarf planet and asteroids are bigger comet are 6 miles wide a dwarf size is 736.a mile it expands to 1,400 miles.
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interesting facts

The core of a comet is when it gets closer to the sun the ices of it surface of it's nuclear vapor forms a cloud called coma.the tail can expand 600,000 thousands miles long. Some interesting comets are comet Swift tuttle,comet shoemaker, Levy-9, and lastly comet Hale-bopp.
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