Jackson Elementary

Volume 3/Issue 31 May 2, 2016

Cockrell's Corner

Hello, everyone!

It’s May! Wow! I can’t believe I am winding down my 3rd year here at Jackson. STAAR testing is next week so please give an upper grade teacher a hug! I know it’s getting harder to get out of bed and stay motivated, but please keep that momentum going! Our kids need structure and guidance now more than ever. They can sense it if we start to check out, so stay on top of your game until the very end. I’m here if you need me. Thank you for putting writing workshop back into your plans and keeping up our writing initiative. I can tell you that 4th grade thanks you too. I hope that you enjoy all the treats from your students. I hope that you feel the appreciation that you deserve. Jackson teachers are the hardest working teachers around and I want you to know that I notice and the kids do too. The work ethic around this place is just amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for our kids. They are the lucky ones and so am I! Have a great week!

Carthledge's Chat

7 Steps to a Language-Rich Interactive Classroom

Next year we are going to be looking at the strategies in the book "7 Steps to Language-Rich Interactive Classroom." The book is an easy read with great strategies that will work for all students. The authors John Seidlitz and Bill Perryman have created a quick guide that provides 7 steps to a Language-Rich classroom and scenarios using the steps. Most of the steps you guys already use, but It's always good to get new ideas to put a twist on your current practices.

The steps are....

  1. Teach students what to say when they don't know what to say.
  2. Have students speak in complete sentences.
  3. Randomize and rotate when calling on students.
  4. Use total response signals.
  5. Use visuals and vocabulary strategies that support your objectives.
  6. Have students participate in structured conversations.
  7. Have students participate in structured reading and writing activities.

Duty Reminder.....

This Week of ......5/2/16

  • Bus/Gym- Fancher
  • Cafeteria- Stelling
  • Cafeteria- Steinbaugh
  • Gym-Eckstein

Next Week......5/9/16

  • Bus/Gym- Shaw
  • Cafeteria- Pyle
  • Cafeteria- Weldon
  • Gym-Martin

Upcoming Events

  • 5/2 Field Trip for 2nd grade
  • 5/3 Writing Planning
  • 5/3 Latino Lunch
  • 5/4 PLCs
  • 5/5 PTA Lunch
  • 5/6 Field Trip for 2nd grade
  • 5/6 Last Jackson JAM!!!!
  • 5/9-11 STAAR
  1. Math STAAR for 3rd and 4th grade
  2. Reading STAAR for 3rd and 4th grade
  3. Science STAAR for 5th grade

  • 5/12 Tiffany's Baby Shower
  • 5/13 Up and Active Day

May Birthdays

Jessica Gonzalez 5/3

Melissa Johnson 5/3

Dara Villapando 5/9

Jill Wheeler 5/15

Ana Hernandez 5/16

Pam Schweinsberg 5/18

Rachel Horn 5/19

Janaye Weldon 5/23

Luz Chavez 5/26

Elise Adams 5/29

Reminders to include in your grade level newsletters

  • Tardy bell is at 7:45 am
  • If they are planning to change the way their student is going home it needs to be done by 2pm