By: Kathryn Cooley

What is the capital of Peru? And what is the Major cities of Peru?

The capital of Peru is Lima and the major cities is Callao, Cusco.

HISTORY- Was Peru controlled by another country? Did Peru gain independence if yes, When?Also what is Peru's official language? Was Peru ever controlled by another country?

Peru was not controlled by another country and yes gained independence. Peru gained independence on May 2 1866. The official language for Peru is Spanish, Quechua, Aymara. Peru no was never controlled by another country before.

Peru is located in Western South America

Above are pictures of some of the places Tourist like to visit in Peru.

What are some Physical Features?

Some Fysical Features in Peru is there's lakes and rivers and a lot of mountians. For an example there's the famous mountain called Huascaran that is the highest peak in Peru.

What type of government is Peru? Who was the leader?

The type of government Peru has is Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic. The leader was Ollanta Humala.

What is the Currency? What do they import and export? Where do they export goods?

The Currency us (PEN) and Peru imports oil, machinery parts. Peru exports gold, zinc, copper, fish means and lex files. Peru exports their goods to the USA, China, Brazil, and Chile.