Roman Mosko

I am your lider

You elect me - I will change your life

I am your democratic King ;)

About me

I am Roman. I'm 16. Studying at the Gymnasium 1. I'm the leader. I am very lazy and like sleeping.

The basic theses of my porgram

  • Belarusian - the only national language

Belarusian - one of the most beautiful and melodic language. We are stupid because we do not appreciate this fop.

  • Our symbols are White-Red-White and Pogonya

These symbols - are historical characters. We must understand this.

  • Reformation of the education system

Most of the information which we receive in school never useful to us in life.

  • Integration with the Europe Union

European Union - our future

  • Freedom TV and Radio

All information must be accurate

  • Ubiquitous and free Internet

All information is always in our pocket.

Lyapis Trubetskoy

Belarus Freedom by Lyapis Trubetskoy

Local action. Specially for my teacher!

  • Free Wi-Fi in school

Intrnet is the place where all the information is collected. Information should be freely available.

  • School-traveling

Students should travel and see the world.

  • Programmes at the exchange

It is very important to communicate with people from other countries.

  • Bookcrossing

It is important to read the book

  • Events

Meetings with interesting people

  • Debating club

Interest clubs