New Books!

May 4th, 2015

Book List


B MAD James Madison: A life reconsidered (2014) by Lynne Cheney

Children’s book

CHB B KAH Viva Frida (2014) by Yuyi Morales

CHB KAN You Are Not Small (2014) by Anna Kang


F CON Heart of darkness by Joseph Conrad

F SIN The jungle (2003) by Upton Sinclair


SHA 808.81 Shadowed: Unheard voices (2014) by Joel Hallowell

304.8 ILL *Illegal immigration (2015) edited by Noel Merino

320.473 GOV *Government gridlock (2015) edited by Margaret Haerens

325 TRU Dreamers: An immigrant generation’s fight for their American dream (2015) by Eileen Truax

332.75 BAN *Bankruptcy (2015) edited by Noah Berlatsky

507.2 SCI *Scientific research (2015) edited by Sylvia Engdahl

614.42 KLO Wellness by numbers (2015) by Jacqueline Klosek

811.3 WHI Leaves of grass (1855 First Edition Text) by Walt Whitman


REF 912.7 Cartographica extraordinaire The historical map transformed (2004) by David Rumsey

REF 940.4551 SUB Vol.1-4 U.S. submarine veterans, World War II (1986) edited by Robert Link

Young Adult

YA ALE Crossover (2014) by Kwame Alexander

*Opposing Viewpoints series