Teenage Drinking and Driving

Many teenagers lose their lives from drinking every year

there is many consequences from underage drinking (and driving)

  • DUI (driving under the influence)
  • teenagers who drink at least twice a week score 10% lower on quizzes
  • parents are the root of the issue because they are supplying all the alcohol
  • one of the worst consequences is getting arrested.

Drinking gets in the way at school

  • sober kids get harassed and bullied from non-sober kids
  • their grades drop drastically over the year (A to F)
  • it doesnt only affect the people who are drinking, but also families, communities, and society.

alcohol is actually very gross.

  • The reason that alcohol is so bad for your body is because it is actually the chemical that yeast organisms release when they go to the bathroom...
  • Once alcohol goes into your body it is hard to get out
  • Alcohol damages nerve brain cells and that is why the information cant travel from the brain to the body and that is why blurry vision and dizziness occur.