DISD Tuesday Tech Talks

October 6, 2015

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Let us know how you and your colleagues are integrating technology in the classroom. We would love to give you a Shout Out!

Meredith Walker - Elementary - Future Jacks using Kahoot, working on Lexia, iPads for partner reading and making a collage using Instacollage to celebrate Andres' birthday!! (See pictures above)

Sally Macher - High School - GREAT Animoto video highlighting Homecoming Activities! (See below for Sally's video!) Check out Animoto HERE to start creating your own videos!

Deleasha Brawley - Elementary - Rounding in Math using Kahoot.it!! (See below)

Jennifer Garcia - HS - Using Google Forms for entire district to submit Culinary Arts Lunch Orders! Check it out! https://goo.gl/3qohGJ

animoto Homecoming

QR Codes in the Classroom

Want to learn how to use QR Codes in the Classroom? (PreK-12) Put in a ticket for Donna to come show you how! Until then, see the following for more information:

How Do I Use Them?

Lessons and Activities

QR Code Generator

QR Stuff

Using QR Codes

Tuesday Tech Tip


Share a quiz with students without posting it in Google Classroom by using the "Share to Classroom" Extension in the Google Web Store!

1. Find and add the extension.

2. View your Live Form.

3. Click the Share to Classroom Icon.

4. Select your Class you want to share the Quiz with.

5. Make sure the Menu says Push to Students.

6. Click Push.

7. Watch the Magic Happen.

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Virtual Tours

Some of our students will be able to go on great vacations during the summers, spring break and Christmas vacation. Others will not. Here are some virtual field trips (apps and websites) that will take your students all over the world without ever leaving their Chromebook or iPad! http://disdtechnology.blogspot.com/2015/10/virtual-field-trips.html

Robby's Reminders

Remember that if you are being blocked by Iboss, check the group number listed. Group 1 is the default group which has very limited Internet access. Try restarting the device if it is school owned.

FormMule - Google Sheets Add On!

Have you heard of FormMule?!

FormMule is an email merge utility that works seamlessly with your Google Forms and responses. For example, if you are having a Parent Night at your school, you can ask your parents to fill out a Google Form as they enter your room and at a certain time that same evening or the next day, for example, the form will automatically send a personalized email from you thanking them for attending. (This is just one of the MANY ways you could use FormMule.) Get the Add-on in Google Sheets.

You can also check out their website at http://www.formmule.com/

See below for a YouTube How-To!

formMule Parent Night email