Father of Liberalism

John Locke

Born, Orgin, Death

He was born in August, 29 1632 in Wrington, United Kingdom. During his time he spent most in England helping out there government. He died in High Laver, United Kingdom on October 28, 1704.

Early Bio

He was a philosopher and a physician who's writings had an impact of the western philosophy. Both of Locke's parents where puritans and he was a well educated man.


The two treaties of government put idea's concerning the natural rights of man and the social contract. The essay concerning human understanding put him to be a hero to the England country. He said that men are by nature free and equal against claims that God had made all people naturally subject to a monarch.

Important Events

Locke's return to England also saw him publish a letter concerning toleration and the reasonableness of Christianity and some things of education. Locke also remain in the government affairs and also he helped made the board of trade which gave England new territories in North America. His political philosophy has appeared in the Declaration of Independence.