Weekly Update

Mrs. Keely Aman 1/8/2016

Classroom Updates

Welcome back everyone! Our first week back from break was excellent and it looks like winter is finally here. Just a quick reminder - students will go outside for recess unless it is below 15 degrees; please send them with outdoor gear.


In Reading we have started our unit on non-fiction reading. Students will explore different features associated with non-fiction texts, learn how to identify different text structures in their own reading, and practice synthesizing (making sense of and building) information gathered in their reading. This week we will complete our unit on literary essays in writing; students will do a post write that will be scored and put into their binders. Next we move into persuasive writing. In Math, we will continue our work with multiplication of decimals. Anticipate a chapter test late next week. Snowman genetics is helping up us make sense of heredity. The students will continue learning about dominant and recessive traits, homozygous and heterozygous, punnett squares, alleles and more. Vocabulary practice is set up on quizlet for those who wish to practice - https://quizlet.com/join/7wtjq4hnY (follow this link). Finally, Social Studies has the students learning about the colonial America. We are completing our colony reports this week and will move into creating commercials using imovie next week. Students will be graded according to the rubric that can be found in google classroom along with the assignment. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks a million to our very generous donors! Over the holiday break I set up a donor's choose project for Historical Fiction books. Thanks to some very generous people the project was funded and our new books should arrive this week!


1/15 This Friday the kids will be participating in a physics assembly that is hands on; one of the many things the PTA sponsors and makes possible for the kiddos!

1/18 Martin Luther King Jr. Day - no school

1/22 Professional Development for teachers - 1/2 day for students

1/24 Spring Mills Talent Show

Thanks again for all your support and Happy New Year everyone!