Integumentary system

Britton young p4

The 5 functions the integumentary system does

  • The integumentary system helps keep you hot and at your body temp. of 98.6 degrees.It uses the skin to trap in all the air that you need,but the skin also releases the unneeded air through the little tiny holes on top of your head.
  • The skin keeps you alive by covering all that goes on inside your body and keeps all your cells and organs to work properly through out your body.
  • The skin also helps keep protect your body from getting diseases such as Cancer.The skin has two layers the epidermis and the dermis that the diseases have to get through to get to your internal organs and cells.
  • The integumentary system helps protect the body's internal organs,cells,and tissues.By putting two layers of protection called the epidermis and the dermis.Which are always working your cells,tissues,and organs to help keep you alive.
  • This system stores water,fat,and lots of vitamin D. Water is good for your overall body to keep it working and running the way it should be.Fat is good for protecting your ribs and heart from getting damaged.Last and not least,Vitamin D helps your body get the nutrince to have stronger bones and a healthier body.