App Stores!

Google Play vs Apple App Store

What's the difference?

Google Play and the App Store are the two biggest app marketplaces in the industry, but what's the difference?


Google Play is the all-around store with equal emphasis on apps, movies, music and games. The interface is easy to use and you can access everything from one place.

The App Store on the other hand, focuses on applications. On mobile devices, there is a separate icon for apps and iTunes, where you can buy music, movies, podcasts, etc. On the computer, iTunes focuses mostly on music, then videos, then applications.


As far as price goes, both stores sell their apps for the same amount. iOS devices can download more free apps than its Android counterpart, but the gap is slowly closing.

Layout and Access

The iOS mobile App Store has a great layout and user interface. Finding and downloading applications is very easy. Google Play is similar in this respect on the mobile store. Google play vs. iTunes is a very different story. The only way to access the iTunes store is to download iTunes. The interface on a computer is definitely not as nice. Google play, on the other hand, is all web-based and it looks and feels nice.

Exclusive Apps?

There are all kinds of exclusive apps for both stores. My favorites that iOS has to offer are Netflix and Skype. Who wouldn't like access to all of their movies and shows on the go? Android comes back with Adobe Flash and game emulators. Adobe Flash is a big one, because a lot of the internet runs on Flash, and iOS devices don't support it. Game emulators are also a big one. The games you can find in app stores are fun for awhile, but it doesn't compare to having Pokemon or Mario right on your device.

Who Has More Apps?

Although the App Store officially has more applications, Google Play may be able to overtake them. Apple announced 700,000 applications during the iPhone 5 launch. Google Play has recorded around 650,000.

As far as quality goes, the App store definitely has the better apps. It has both quality AND quantity.

Approval Process

Okay, now we start to see which is the better store with each one's approval process. It takes a lot more to get into the App Store. It has to pass the App Review Guidelines which provide rules and examples across a range of topics, including user interface design, functionality, content, and the use of specific technologies. It also has to pass a review board, meet license agreements and additional guidelines.

Google Play lets in all the riffraff, which is probably why they are catching up to Apple.