Office Equipment

Unit 2 Assessment Criteria 4

Different Types of Office Equipment

There are several different types of office equipment, such as:

  • Computers/Laptops - Comprise of many different parts such as a hard drive and motherboard. Come with a screen, keyboard and mouse and other different input and output devices can be used with them.
  • Printers - a machine which is usually linked to a computer that prints out images and text.
  • Photocopier - a machine that copies printed images and documents.
  • Laminators - a machine that seals paper with plastic sheets.
  • Audio Equipment - this can be in several formats such as dictation equipment (e.g. dictaphone), sound system (e.g. computer speakers).

Uses of Different Office Equipment

  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Creating documents
  • Storing information e.g. images, audio files
  • Browsing the internet


  • Printing documents and images


  • Making copies of a printed document or image


  • Seals the laminating sheet which a document is placed into, giving it a plastic covering.

Audio Equipment

  • Used for inputting and outputting audio files. For example, a dictaphone that is used by clinicians to dictate referral letters and other medical documents.

Factors To Be Considered When Choosing Office Equipment For A Task

  • If there are any cost implications - will this fall within budgetary constraints?
  • If the equipment is able to assist you in completing the task effectively
  • If the equipment will produce a lot of waste
  • How long it will take for the piece of equipment to complete its task
  • If there is any limit to when the equipment is available

Keeping Waste To A Minimum When Using Office Equipment

  • Ensure paper, plastic etc. is recycled
  • Try to print double-sided
  • Ensure equipment is powered off when not in use so as to not waste power
  • Do not print a document off if it can be viewed/used electronically