Later childhood

by: Mia young

Health Factors

vulnerability, due to their size , behavior, they are more vunerable to environmental hazards.

Because of their small size they are exposed to toxins in proportion to their weight, and have more years of life ahead of them in which they may softer long-term effect from early exposure, to chemicals can lead to their chances to brain damage and developmental brain problems . more prone to catching diseases because the immune systems are still developing and getting used to the world around them.

children under 5 breathe more air, drink more water and eat more food compared to their body weight than adults so they have higher rates to pathogens and pollutants,

supportive agencies

A pediatrician is a medical doctor who manages the behavioral and mental health of children. they diagnose and treat a broad range of childhood illnesses from minor health problems to serious diseases.

health and wellness

from 6- 12 months the infant is going though a lot of milestones these include

  • turning over
  • crawls or scoots
  • sit up
  • grabs anything and everything
  • pull themselves up and cruise around
  • take a couple steps
  • babbling etc.

if your child is caught up they will become more curious, once they have the ability to crawl roll they want to explore and discover knew things. they teach themselves to figure out what objects are by shaking, throwing, rolling etc. they also observe with their senses by smelling, and putting them into their mouths. they begin to grow some attachments for their objects and objects have more meaning for them.

reducing stress

although infants are percieved as stress free, they mock the world around them. one way to become less stressed is to be more positive and happy around the baby. Also the baby cannot communicate yet so if they need to be fed or need a diaper change or just frustrated because they cant hold or pickup a colorful object they want to enjoy. you can maximize naps babies need sleep, also try to get some rest yourself. also nursing isnt just about food, it is warmth, reassurance, comfort and love for the baby, reasearch has been shown to reduce stress and pain in baby.