Jump On It!

And everywhere else! Taylor

Asante Garde

Do you hate traffic? Do you hate the rising gas prices? Then moon shoes are perfect for you! Nobody believed anything like this would ever be possible! Nobody has ever seen anything like this! This is the best thing invented since the iPhone! With moon shoes you will save 50 gallons of gas a week and approximately 4 hours of driving a month!

For sale starting January 1st for only 3 payments of $456!

Magic Ingredients

"There's no way this is possible! Being able to get 30 miles in just one jump!" - Ryan Secrest

Well, now it is! With our jump loaded springs and magic dust that comes out of the shoes the first 100 jumps it is possible to get from your house to work or school in one jump! (Varies with locations)

Snob Appeal

Only 1,500 will be sold in each country! You better hurry fast because there's already a waiting list full of Kardashians and Cyrus' anxious to be the first with moon shoes!