Are Grassy Lands

Two Main Types

There are two main types of grasslands,the savanna, and the temperate grassland.
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The savanna has a wet/dry climate. Savannas have very little rainfall, therefore they are prone to droughts and FIRES! The average temperature is around 70 degrees farenheit. Plants in the savanna include shrubs,trees and grasses. Savannas have large rolling rough terrains.
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Temperate grasslands

The temperate grasslands have a warm climate . Temperate grasslands receive less rain than the savanna, therefore they are even more prone to droughts and FIRES!!!!!!!!! Unlike savannas, trees and shrubs are absent in temperate grasslands. Like the savanna, temperate grasslands also have large rolling terrian.
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What lives in grasslands


The plants in grasslands include:buffalo grass,sunflower,crazy weed,asters, blazing stars, conflowers , golden rods , clover ,wild indigos.


The animals in grasslands include: coyotes ,eagles, bobcats ,grey wolves, wild turkeys ,fly catchers ,canadian geese,bison, prarie chickens, elephants, lions , and baboons.


The insects in grasslands include: dung beetles, crickets, bumble bees, and nigriceps ants.

Plant adaptions

Plants adapt to the grasslands in many ways. For example prairie grasses adapted by growing narrow leaves and having soft stems so they are not damaged by strong winds. Due to little rainfall some trees in grasslands have small leaves and some plants store water. Some plants adapt to herbivores. For example the acacia tree has thorns to protect it from herbivores.

Grasslands Food Web

The food web below is from an Australian grasslands. It shows the interdependence beteen plants and animals in grasslands.
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Lion King-Grasslands Chant


Created by: Katie Gibson and Jessica Wyatt