Farenheit 451

by Ray Bradbury


1. You can't own a book

2. You can't read a book

3. Aren't allowed to have front porches

4. You can't go slow (in cars)

5. You can't walk

"When I said something about the moon, you

looked at the moon, last night. The others would never do that"

"I am very much in love!" He tried

to conjure up a face to fit the words,

but there was no face"

"Well, then, what if a fireman accidentally,

really not, intending anything,

takes a book home with him?"

5 things citizens must do to be successful in this society

1. they can't walk

2. they can't talk

3. they can't be in their porch

4. You can't define authority

5. You can't speak out