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You'll want to try these management tips with classes using computers.

Most 2nd - 5th graders will know what you mean if you give the instruction "screens at 45" or "screens black." It means that you want them to ignore all the distractions of the screen and computer and get some directions from you. It means you'll let them get right back to it, but for just a couple mintues you need their complete attention.

Screens at 45 means the laptop screen gets lowered to a 45-degree angle and hands need to be off keyboard. Student message to teacher: I'm not distracted by what's on my screen.

Screens black means everybody turns off their desktop monitors (2nd graders can make a whole lab go "screens black" in 2 seconds! it's a beautifully time-saving and respectful thing!)

OES Staff -- more about laptops. Keyboards have been marked for ease of Ctrl+Alt+Del! See below.

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Illustrator Visit at OES (he's an author, too)

Mike Wohnoutka's books have already proven to be a hit with many OES students. He'll draw for us. Maybe he'll teach us to draw. Maybe he'll read his one-word wonder Moo! Yes, we'll have several of his books for pre-order soon.

Here are some more ideas, gleaned from TED talks for excellent slidedecks. Mr. Marks has some ideas to get your students started, too.

Consider just trying just one of the following...

And some lessons for our learners (the rewards and risks of living and learning online)

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Children's Book Week is coming

Monday, May 2nd, 6am to Sunday, May 8th, 11pm

This is an online event.

Judging by Shannon's reaction to the cute toy elephant for sale in the lounge, she's going to want one of the free (except for postage) posters available here:

But before that -- National Library Week!

At OIS - that means the book swap!

At OES - that means BallOOns!

At both schools - that means fun and games.

April 10-16th