"We Choose to Go to the Moon." -JFK

By: Grace Yu, Chloe Norris, Christine Lu

Speech Revamp

We’re gathered at this place because we all hunger for something. We unite in a time of change and challenge, hope and fear, knowledge and ignorance. The more we learn, the more we discover how much we didn’t know. Regardless of how far we’ve come, we can’t grasp how fast we’ve come. Only last month we started having electric lights, telephones, airplanes, and cars become available to us. And tonight, if our spacecraft reaches Venus successfully, we’d have reached the stars.
The pace that we’re taking right now, guarantees new problems, as well as dangers. Some of you may be satisfied at where we are now. But this country was not formed by people who waited around. The exploration of space won’t wait for us. The people who were here before us made sure that we were involved in the industrial revolution, modern invention, and nuclear power. It’s our duty to participate in the coming age of space. And we also intend to be the first to complete this journey. We involve ourselves in this journey because there is new knowledge to be gained, new rights to win over, which will benefit us all. This is why we must shift our hard work regarding space from low to high gear. We’re not lacking in the technology department either. The majority of the satellites that circle the earth are made in the USA and they are considered to be lots more sophisticated and more knowledgeable compared to the Soviet Union. We have had failures, but we’re not the only ones. We’re just the only ones to proclaim it so boldly, as well as publicly.

Although we are behind in the “Space Race”, we won’t be for long. The growth of science and education in our country has grown to the point where it’ll be a challenge to catch up, but we’re confident that we can achieve our goal. Some may worry about the cost, but our space budget is less than our country’s spendings on cigarettes annually (gives visual of rocket). This “Space Race” will be done before the end of this decade. We ask for God’s blessing on the greatest adventure that man has ever had the pleasure of doing.