Reinforcement vs. Punishment

November 20, 2015

Happy Friday!

Next week you will begin work on Module 6 Lesson 2

11/23 (Monday) is your Reinforcement Schedule and Observational Learning Quiz

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Learning: Negative Reinforcement vs. Punishment
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Meet baby Salvatore!

Should you reinforce every time?

Continuous Reinforcement - occurs every time

Schedules for Reinforcements - different methods of partial reinforcement

Partial Reinforcement Schedules

  • Variable Ratio Schedule - Random set number of times - Slot machine
  • Fixed Ratio Schedule - Set specific number of times - free cup of coffee after you buy 10 cups at an establishment
  • Variable Interval Schedule - Can happen at any time - Waiting for a deer while hunting
  • Fixed Interval Schedule - Occurs after a specific amount of time - Biweekly pay check

Operant Conditioning - Negative Reinforcement vs Positive Punishment

Nailed it William!

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At school, the fish in the aquarium tanks immediately become more active when the lid of the tank is removed for them to be fed. In this scenario, the removal of the lid represents the _____ while the fish's increased movement is the ______. During this learning, the fish starting to associate the lid with food is defined as _______. This entire process of association, first studied by Pavlov, is called ______.

Your example is not only an excellent example of what was expected for the assignment but, yet another example of classical conditioning! Keep up the good work!