University of Washington traditions


Students at UW like to take advantage of the school's close proximity to water. They will have tailgating parties before a big game just like most colleges, but unlike most colleges, they do it on boats. They call this 'stern-gating'. Stern-gating has been a UW tradition since 1920.

Live Mascot

The University of Washington has had a live mascot for many years. This mascot is always a dog, often a husky. Ever since 2009 they have had an Alaskan Malamute named Dubs as a mascot. They had voted on the name Dubs, and they will keep it for many years. It is a UW tradition that the live mascot leads the team to the football field at the start of a game.

Husky Stadium

Husky stadium is a football stadium on the campus of UW. It is located in Seattle, Washington. It has been there since 1920. It began renovations in 2011. The open end of the stadium has a beautiful view of Lake Washington. You can also get a good view of the Cascade Mountains from there.