by Chanelle 5ds


dancing in india is one of the most popular things done in india the most popular type of dancing in india is.....BOLLYWOOD dancing in produses twice as much money as hollywood and is a world wide production.

most popular places in india

1.Taj Mahal (the taj mahal is the most popular destination and most visited place)

2.Jaipur (kids play whith snakes)

3.Goa(it has lots of villages)

4.Kashmir(there is lots of wars because pakistan try to capture)


6.kerala(backwaters)(do lots of boat races) dellhi ( it is captial city of india )

8.ajanti ellora (has lots of caves)

9.darjeeling ( is a himalayas city)

10.mysora ( is a popular destination)


india has a huge population of 1.2 billion