The Great Depression & New Deal


Opponents Of The New Deal

  • liberal critics was when the democratic party criticized the Deals and felt the president fail to doing anything about the problems and they felt that the deal was doing too much for the business and so little for the unemployed.
  • conversation critics the government was getting to much power and they wanted to put a stop to it by canceling the out the main source they had the WPA labor laws ,and Wagner act, And so the democrats presidents for candidates and they would for a anti new deal organization called american liberty league.
  • Demagogues was trying to seek out more ways that the Americans could get help to but a end to it all they used the radio's to get out what was going on and that the evil conspiracies had to stop
  • The Supreme Court Roosevelt was beginning to get on a bumpy track and and supreme court didn't feel his leadership as well. and and in two of his cases NRA business recovery were killed by supreme court. for trying to say laws was unconstitutional to them.
26-3 Critics of the New Deal

Rise Of The Union

  • Formation Of The C.I.O had join together industrial and was now called the C.I.O witch means committee of industrial organizations and was led by John L Lewis he was president of the mine workers union 1935. by the time it hit 1936 the A.F OF L which is the american federal of labor suspended them and renamed them congress of industrial organization.
  • strikes people were still having problems with the collective bargains and it was causing many strikes in their depression dealing with the automobile, and steel they felt like they had the right to join unions also.
  • fair labor standards act was the last major reform of the new deal it established , minimum wage , maximum workweek of 40 hr and overtime, and child labor restrictions.
Living and Working Conditions and the Rise of Unions

Last Phase Of The New Deal

  • Recession the economy was strating to pull out of their hole things were also starting to get stable like business earning, & unemployment, but they still had things to work on... because once they hit 1937 they were heading into a recession because of government policy.
  • Weakend New Deal The economy still had no boom and the 1938 election knocked out most of democrated congress.and new deals were blocked and reformed.
FDR The New Deal 1930s

Life During The Depression

  • Women the depression had added lost of pressure of the women becuase their men couldnt work ands they had to still feed and cloh their children, and the men did start to get a little angry with the women because they felt like they were taking their job and theywomen got lower pay than the men.
  • Dust Bowl Farmers the dust bowl had made it even harder on the farmers because it trn their farms into a land of dust and and the soil on top was blow away so they had to start moving west toward califoria to search for jobs or factory work.
  • African American racial peoples begin to start they were begin to do jobs on who get what first and second by your raise ans African Americans had no help from Roosevelt because he didnt want to loose his white voters. and things increased and increased in the south for African Americans. segration begin also.
  • Native Americans because of a man name john collier who helped the Native Americans get involed with the WPA & other new deals and getting Roosevelt to support the changes in policy they had it good the were being indepentdent farmers around 1934 and they had control over their on lands.
  • Mexican Americans the mexicans also suffered from discrimination in 1930's mexican who lived in califoria and southwest had to leave and move back to mexico because of the unemployment of whites and its high drought in the midwest.
Life During the Great Depression