The boy that cried for friends

a boy with no friends

One day a kid named Abe played to much COD and Rainbow Six Siege. He was the kid with no friends. Will I'm going to tell you why Abe doesn't have friends. Once upon a time in a time in a land called earth 2016 this kid named Abe had lots of friends. He played COD with his friends a lot.

His friends met a modder and his friends told him to stay away from him, he said "okay I will not play with the cool modder." Then an hour later his friends invited him to a PlayStation chat party HE DIDN'T JOIN. His friends were wondering what he was doing. They found out that Abe was playing COD with the modder. The modder lied to Abe about being a modder. He didn't give Abe COD skins. So he cried then finally joined his friends party his friends were mad so they kicked him out. "Never lie and go off with people you don't even know" Abe said and Abe never had a friend ever again. THE END