Dell, Michael Dell

A life story by: Rylan Moeller and Nate Bukovich

Who is he

He is the CEO of DELL and founder of DELL. He was born on Feb. 23, 1965 in Austin. He is now 50 years old. He lives in Texas and went to Texas University. Adam Dell is his brother, Susan Dell is his wife, Alexa, Kira, and Juliette Dell are his daughters Zachery Dell is his son.

What Dell is famous for

Dell has made laptops, tablets, and desktops. Some include, Dell inspiron 15 3000, Dell latitude, Dell XPS 4k Ultra touch screen.

Net Worth and Philanthropy

Michael dell has a net Worth of 21.8 billion, the team members of Dell want to be involved, and working with charity partners helps them get more engaged in both their company and their community. Study after study shows that corporate volunteer programs encourage teamwork, increase morale and enhance retention. Dell donates computers to non- profits. Twin falls, Lake and Cook, Hillsboro, and Wilson counties are places they donate too.

Fun Facts

1 Michael Dell helped launch the personal computer revolution with the creation of the Dell Computer Corporation.

2 Dell worked at a restaurant at the age 12 so that he could put away money for his stamp collection.

3 In college, he started building computers and selling them directly to people.