by samuel


This information report holds most of the details of the life in Laos and the money, cities and religion so read on and learn.

economy and currency.

In Laos their currency is called Lao kip (lak for short) and is known in most of Thailand as well. It was invented in 1952 to create the Lao currency and the Lao people experienced a new life with money in their land to buy items like we do in Australia.

culture, religion and population.

67% of Lao people are Buddhist and 1.5% of them are Christian and 31.5% of them are other religions. There are 6,586,266 people in Laos. In Laos the people are very into the Indian or Chinese culture as well. All the ethnic groups in Asia represent religion and culture of the law and the leader. Different religions arrive in Laos as tourists and may change their religion to stay a member of that country.

capital cities.

The capital of Laos is Vientiane and is very similar to Vietnam and is the most popular place in Laos but doesn’t have the most of the population. Most of the population is in other cities because Vientiane doesn’t have much houses in fact the most amount of houses in Vientiane is 50,000 houses so lots of people should live in Vientiane because around 7 people live in a house at the same time