Principal's Newsletter

January 2016

January - Upcoming Events

January 4 - Return from Holiday Break

January 19 - Midterm Exams

January 20 - Midterm Exams (Early-Release)

January 21- Midterm Exams (Early- Release)

January 22- Midterm Exams (Early-Release)/Quarter 2 Grades Close

January 25-28th - Dinner Theatre

January 28 - Distribution of Quarter 2 Report Cards

January 29 - Early-Release

Midterm Exams are upon us! All students will be taking midterm assessments the week of 1/19-1/22. Students should begin preparing/studying for exams now.

Please go to to access the full exam schedule.

Ice Skating with Ms. Japser's Physical Education Classes

Ms. Jasper's PE classes had the opportunity to use Larsen Rink to for an Ice Skating Unit in December. Skaters of all levels participated. It was great to see some of the more experienced skaters teach the eager beginners.

Pictured Below (from left to right): Alyssa Ferrara, Emma Carney, Liz McDuffee, Amanda Kokoneshi, Regi Musai, Blinere Bytyqi, Lacey Scott, Ana-Maria DeJesus, Ms. Jasper

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Grade 8 Science Students conduct Ice-Cream Experiment with Mr. Davis

Mr. Davis had his students conduct an experiment that forced a phase change to occur (liquid heavy cream --> ice cream). To do this the students the bag is shook vigorously which caused a loss of thermal energy from the system. The heavy cream lost its heat to its colder environment. This is called transduction or heat transfer from hot --> cold by direct contact.

This was a great experiment and ALL of the students seemed to enjoy the process.

Mrs. Boyajian's students go Shopping and Meet Santa

The students in Mrs. Boyajian's class went to the mall to finish their last minute holiday shopping and ran into Santa. The students and mentors in the Life-Skills Program are frequently out in the community working on different Life-Skills!

Pictured below: Mentor Danielle Carney, student Helena Schriebman, SANTA, student Megan Barry, student Rufo Barriga, Mentor Courtney Mcswiney, and student Christopher Murphy.

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Students give to Families of Project Bethlehem

Thanks to Mr. Nickerson's Period 2 Senior Spanish class and all other classes who helped donate to families in need. Our donations helped 50 people from 8 different families celebrate the holiday season! Great job and thanks to the students and faculty at WHS for their kindness and generosity!

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Staff Profile: Dan Toulouse - Lead Teacher - English Department

This is Mr. Toulouse's 13th year teaching in the Winthrop Public Schools . He teaches English II, English IV, and Creative Writing.


Hometown: Beverly

College: Umass Amherst. Masters from Lesley

Pets: My son has three fish, named Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, and Valentine's Day.

Favorite Song: "Use Me" by Bill Withers

Favorite show: Idiot Abroad

Why did you become a teacher: I became an English teacher because I really like working with young people and exploring the written word.

Dream Home: Somewhere in the islands.

Dream Vacation: Mediterranean cruise.

Other jobs: I've been teaching pretty much since I graduated college, but I had lots of summer jobs, including working in a cemetery, doing construction, and working in a greenhouse.

Proudest Moment: The birth of my son.

Viking Longship Students Refinish Original Viking Boat

The students in Mr. Skane's Viking Longships Class have begun to refinish the original Viking boat and prepare it for to be displayed in the new High School. The boat will be hung from the ceiling in the new high school cafeteria.