Amazing Africa c;

Cuatro Amazing Features

Nile River .

The NIle River is 4,160 miles long . This river is an important source of hydrated power . You could go bunjee-jumping at the Nile River .

Nile River Activities :


The Semiarid region between the Sahara to the north and savanas to the south . It has natural pasture , with low-growing grass and tall trees . you can walk with your camels .
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The Sahara Desert is one of the most largest desert . The Sahara desert has one of the most harshest climates . theres nothing to do at the desert . it hot . you could walk with camels or ride them
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atlas mountains

The Atlas Mountains extends p to 1500 miles from south to north . The Atlas mountains are rich in minerals , especially phosphates , coal , iron , and oil . You could hike up at the mountains .