Mrs. Hagler's Weekly Newsletter

May 31, 2016

A Look at Our Week

Science/Social Studies: This week we will continue our Social Studies unit on fairy tales. The students will learn about the elements of a fairy tale, their history and country of origin. We will also begin comparing the different versions of the fairy tales.

Literacy: We will continue with reader’s workshop in class. This week we will review summarizing the text, identifying the problem and solution and character's feelings changing. We will learn that paying attention to these details can help us understand what we read. We will also review referencing the text to help us support our thinking. Finally, we will reference back to summarizing as a strategy to retell a multi-paragraph text, as well as author's purpose.

Math: We will continue Cycle 6. This weeks focus will be on reviewing skills from the year. Subtracting from $1.00 and telling time to the 5 minutes will also be a focus for 4th quarter.


Read 20 minutes every night.


We could really use a several boxes of tissues to help us finish out the school year. We are completely out. If you can send in a box that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all so much!


The students will be expected to read 20-30 minutes each night and have you sign to earn a clip up the next day. Thanks for all your hard work this year.

K-2 Field Day: Monday, June 6

Please be advised of the items needed for a successful Field Day:

1. Sneakers, tennis shoes, or pool shoes must be worn during activities

2. Flip flops or sandals will NOT be allowed.

3. Bathing suits can be worn but must be covered by a top and bottom (girls). No student will be allowed to be at field day without wearing a shirt.

4. Make sure to apply sun screen, generously, before sending your child to school in the morning.

* We need to have one filled water balloon for each student in your class. This will be for a new relay and must be taken out to the bus lot prior to the start of field day. If anyone could volunteer to send in the balloons and fill them on Monday, June 6 please let me know. Thank you so much!

* A change of clothes must be sent to school. Students will not be able to ride a bus, an after school van or attend Croft’s ASEP wearing wet clothes. They will change clothes at the completion of the day’s activities (1:45). Teachers will verify that each student has clothes to change into before allowing them to participate in any of the water stations. Students will NOT be permitted to go to the main office and call a parent, if they forget their dry clothes.

*Please let me know if you are able to help at a station on Monday, June 6.