By Alexis

The Land

The land in Tennessee has 3 main regions.They are East,Middle, and West Tennessee. The Great Smokey Mountains are located in Eastern Tennessee.The Cumberland river is in Middle Tennessee.Their is low, flat land in Western Tennessee.

Things to See and Do

Their is lots of things to do and see in Tennessee.In Nashville their is the Country Music Hall of Fame. You can also visit Tennessee's Mountains and valleys. Their is more than 50 state parks in Tennessee. Large cites in Tennessee have art and historic museums. Tennessee has lots of festivals like corn bread festivals.

Fun Facts

In 1811 and 1812 Tennessee had lots of Earthquakes.When the Earthquakes happened they made the Reelfoot Lake. The very first guide dog , named Buddy , lived in Tennessee. 3 presidents lived in Tennessee - Andrew Jackson,Andrew Johnson and James K Polk. Elvis Presley lived most of his life in Tennessee.