Jake Nelson Block 3


Physical-It melts at 1065°C, bright Yellow, Capable of being shaped or bent

Chemical- can't react with non-metals, boiling point is 2000 °C, melting 1062°C

Gold is used for many things like jewelry, ornaments, and coins.

Found deep in the ground,compounds- fluorides, iodides, and hydrides

Isotopes- 197AU

Don't burn yourself while melting gold.

Gold is a soft metal that is largely un reactive



Andrew Underhill was a rich man. All his celebrity friends called him AU. AU worked as the CEO at the Federal Reserve. He was one of the most important men in the US. He hung out with all his friends at Ft. Knox.

Because AU was a heavy man, he hit the gym to work on his gold bar abs. As he was walking out of the gym he saw a little girl who had dropped her ice cream cone on the dirty side walk. Although he's largely un reactive, the things like this, he had a soft heart. Because he's so rich and we'll loved he buys her a new cone at the ice cream shop. Normally it took 1062°C to melt his heart, but this girl bent him inside.

Usually he would not react with other people like him, he decided to help the poor girls family. He took her home in his shiny yellow Lamborghini. When he saw the terrible conditions she lived in, he told the girl he would help them out with a new house. The family was very thankful and told him that a person would have to look deep and wide to find a man as valuable as him.