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Digital Learning Project

Dear Parent,

In order to get prepared for college, we are including more digital literacies in our classroom. Digital literacies include the creation and use of video, audio, and images on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

With this in mind, we are introducing the Digital Literacy Project (DLP) to our English composition class this year. The DLP will help your son/daughter explore their personal opinions and beliefs about life through the reading of literature. The literature will include selections where place, people, and literature have influenced the author’s life. Using video journals, we will develop our thoughts and connections to our home, school, city, peers, and literature. We will be using a computer program called Windows Movie Maker to develop and create our videos, posting them on our blogs for classmates to see differing perspectives, grow as writers, and collaborate to question and improve our writing and thoughts. See the “Skills” box for a list of student goals.

The DLP will be an ongoing project that we invite you to explore. A link to individual blogs will be posted on Edmodo for you to see your child’s video. The final project will have your child creating their own digital story, incorporating writing elements, like audience, structure, theme, and voice, and technology elements like pacing, audio, and visuals. The student will be including pictures and video they have found, took, or created in the final presentation. With the Digital Learning Project, we hope the personal narrative about your child’s life will be explored and culminate in a well-developed story of growth through the use of technology. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thanks!

-Ms. Wilding

Skills the DLP Will Help Develop

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