Ladybug (Ladybird)

Jack Talkington







Genus: Hippodamia


Other name: Ladybird

Important Information

The ladybug is a small colorful beetle that can be everywhere in the world. There is more than 5,000 species of these colorful beetles, and there is about 450 in North America. These beetles are normally red and spotted with black, but they can be found orange or yellow. These beetles have the great ability of killing off pests. These insects live in warm areas, and after the hot summer ends, and the cool starts to come the insects hibernate in large groups to possibly increase their chance of survival. Ladybugs are carnivores and omnivores, but eat mostly aphids, green-fly, plant- lice, and other small insects. The ladybugs move by the use of their small legs. The lady bigs reproduce by laying hundreds of eggs. These bugs are related to the Mexican and Squash beetles.

Endangered Status: Threatened

Predators and Defense

The ladybugs are prey rodents, mammals, amphibians, birds, and other insects in their environment. Their bright colors make predators think that the ladybugs are poisonous. They can also release a fluid from their joints to give them a foul taste.