Travel Guide to Earth

By: Brock Miller

land masses on the great earth

Yellowstone Caldera; Mt. Everest; Niagara Falls

Yellowstone Caldera

Land Mass Type: Volcano

Time Zone: Mountian Time zone

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It is a very beautiful place so that means you have lots of tourists which gives you lots of money.

Challenges: Could erupt at any time and if it does it would be a super eruption.

Travel tips: You have a chance to be blown up at Yellowstone Caldera.

Packing list: Insulated underwear, hats, coats, gloves, socks, boots, swag glasses (sun glasses)

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Mt. Everest

Land Mass Type: Mountain

Time Zone: Mt. Everest is on the border between Nepal and China. The time zone depends on which side of the summit you are on.

  • The Nepal side: GMT/UTC: +5:45 hrs
  • The Chinese side: GMT/UTC + 8 hrs

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Opportunities: Good view, not a lot of robbers.

Challenges: Climbing the mountain, not good air supply, very cold.

Travel tip: VERY COLD. Packing items: gas mask, heavy coats, teddy bear.

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Niagara Falls

Land Mass Type: Waterfalls

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

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Opportunities: Travelers=money, beautiful sights, water falls.

Challenges: Houses cost millions of dollars, bad noise, could die.

Travel tip: Colder weather, children that are US citizens under the age of 16 don't need pass ports to go to Canada.

Packing list: Carry water, back packs, pain killers.

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