Social Media Safety

How to stay safe on Social Media

Tips on how to stay safe on social media

  • Think about what you post (What you post can cause problems for you later on. Even your friends may use what you post or send against you, especially if they are "ex friends")
  • Read between the "lines" (Friending and talking to new people may be fun, but although some people are nice, others are only being nice to get something from you and are using being nice as a tactic to manipulate you)
  • Avoid in-person meetings (You could be physically harmed. If you have to meet someone you "met" online bring a group of people along or tell your parents to come. BE SAFE)
  • Be smart with your cellphone (The same tips that apply for a computer apply for a phone as well. Be careful who you give your number to and how you use GPS or other technology that can pinpoint your location)

Using Social Media Wisely


  • Use a unique or different password for each account
  • Use a mixture of numbers, letter, and symbols
  • Don't use personal info
  • Don't use common words
  • Have updated and secure backup passwords
  • Keep them secure
Pictures or Selfies:

  • Don't send others pictures of yourself that show anything other than your face
  • Nudes, sexts (whatever you call them) taking pics of your "bits" and sending them to others is never a good idea, a quick picture can have long term consequences
Ask yourself these questions before sending a picture or selfie to others:

  • Why am I doing it?
  • What if I don't do it?
  • Would I do it face to face?
  • Am I under the influence?
  • Could I send something else?
  • Is this abuse?
7 reasons not to send them

  • Once it's gone it's gone (it could continue to get sent out)
  • Bullies go for it (Amanda Todd story)
  • It's against the law!
  • You could get blackmailed
  • Will they keep it private?
  • Will they keep it or delete it?
  • Will they send it to others