The New World Times

The Grand Canyon

New discoveries are being made in the new world. One of which is the grand canyon. The grand canyon is a massive ravine carved out by a river. The canyon was discovered by Francisco de Coronado along with Hopi Indian guides.

War Report: Cortez defeats Aztec Empire

Conquistador Hernando Cortez moved inland of the cost of Brazil to search for gold and came across the Aztec Indians. The Aztecs thought that this group of explorers were gods because of there fair skin. Cortez used this to his advantage and took over the tribe and eventually killed them all of through battles and the spread of disease.

Editorial: Unfair treatment of Inca Emperor

Francisco Pizarro Captured the emperor of the Inca empire and required that a ransom be paid for his return. After the ransom was paid he decided to kill the emperor and the rest of the Inca's leaders.

Columbus- the idiot that Though he Found the Indies

Columbus was the first Spaniard to reach the Americas. Unfortunately for him though he thought that it was part of the Indies and that he wasn't even on a continent we was on an island. For this reason Columbus is the laughing stock of the explorers of this time period.
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