Let us EXPRESS don't make us STRESS

Express Yourself!

Many students in Coppell High School want to express themselves by how they dress, but they can't because they will violate dress code. They can't have certain hair colors, piercings, and/or clothing, so they can't be themselves!! "That's not right!" says High School student, Sydney Land, "How can teachers and administrators tell us to be ourselves, when they won't let us wear what we want?!" That's a good question Sydney, seems to me that they are being misleading. They say that these piercings, clothing, and hair colors are distracting, but personally as a student, I disagree and I'm sure the majority of students at CHS do too. I know teachers want the best for us and want us to stay innocent but we are growing and changing, and becoming independent, young adults so we should be allowed to make these decisions ourselves!