The Counseling Capsule

From the CYES School Counselors

For the Week of October 12, 2015

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

The school counselors will focus on Bullying Identification and Prevention skills during their classroom counselings with grades 2 - 5 during October.
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Mrs. Lang's Schedule (Grades 1, 3 and 5)

Mrs. Raquedan is at CYES on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. She has her schedule communicated to K, 2nd and 4th grade teachers for the week.

Mrs. Lang's Schedule is as follows:

Monday, October 12

Professional Development Day at Tyler Elementary School (Elem Counselors)

Tuesday, October 13

7:45 am Staff Meeting /Committees

8:50 Am Duties

Morning Student Appointments

11 - 12 Counselor visibility in Lunch Room

Lunch Bunch


Afternoon Individual Appointments

Wednesday, October 14

8:50 Am Duties

9:20 Mr. Barton Classroom Counseling Lesson (Grade 3)

Morning Student Appointments

11 - 12 Counselor visibility in the Lunch Room

BLAST Lunch Session

Afternoon Student Appointments

2:00 Mrs. Woodby Classroom Counseling Lesson (Grade 5)

3 - 3:40 5th Grade BLAST MEETING

Thursday, October 15

8:15 Counselor / Admin Meeting (biweekly)

8:50 Am Duties

9:20 Mrs. Jones Classroom Counseling Lesson (Grade 3) ?????

Morning Student Appointments

11 - 12 Counselor visibility in the Lunch Room

Afternoon Student Appointments

1:50 - 2:20 Ms. Sweeney Classroom Counseling Lesson (Grade 1)

2:25 Mrs. Simmons Classroom Counseling Lesson (Grade 1)


Friday, October 16

8:50 Am Duties

Morning Appointments


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Character Counts! Spirit Week and the Roll out of Positive Incentive Program Components

October 19 - 23 will be our first spirit week at CYES. We will be adopting the 6 pillars of character and infusing those pillars into our foundation, our curriculum, our school climate, and our expectations for students. Information will be given to staff on Tuesday, October 13th before committee meetings begin. All staff will receive a red folder called a Character Kit with the necessary initial materials to make our character program successful (we will add to this folder throughout the year).

I hope you will all share your thoughts and ideas throughout the year regarding this program! It is time to create traditions steeped in kindness towards one another, and to shape CYES into the caring community we know it can be for our students, staff, and families.

On Track with Character at Chris Yung Elementary School.

Character. It Counts.

Lunch Bunches & Small Groups

The Counselors are starting Lunch Bunches and Small Group Counseling!

If you have not completed the Small Groups Needs Assessment online, please do so this week. This helps us plan to meet the needs of our students most effectively.

The link is:

Thank you!

Teachers may refer students to Lunch Bunches when they feel students would benefit from a small group setting focused on helping students get to know others, improve self-esteem, develop social skills, or develop self-empowerment skills.

Lunch Bunches will begin in October and Mrs. Lang will tell students when they will have lunch bunch and pick them up from the classroom before their lunch period on the day they are scheduled for a lunch bunch.

Teachers may refer students to participate in Small Group Counseling sessions as well. Small Groups allow children to work more intensively on a specific set of success skills with peer support. Students learn new skills, practice the skills, and are supported as they transfer the skills into the general school setting.

Topics for small group may include:

* Friendship Skills

* School Success Skills

* Managing Emotions

* Grief and Loss

* Changing Families (divorce)

* Stars and Stripes (deployment)

* Stress Management

* Lessening Anxiety

and other topics as needed

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October Highlights....

Bullying Awareness & Prevention Classroom Counseling Lessons will be held between October 1 and October 30



1 – 31 National Bullying Prevention Month

1 – 31 National Principals Month

1 – 31 Italian American Heritage and Culture Month

1 – 31 Polish American Heritage Month

1 – 31 National Physical Therapy Month

4 – 10 Fire Prevention Week

7th International Walk to School Day

12 – 16 National School Lunch Week

21 – 25 National School Bus Safety Week

23 – 31 Red Ribbon Week

20 - 24 Character Counts Week

24th Make a Difference Day

5 Magic Ways To Connect with Defiant Kids

Here is an article I found interesting and useful for those of us who work with children with difficult behaviors. Though written for a parent, we can take these ideas and put them to use for us in our classrooms. Remembering to use TLC with the difficult child can be the key to success.

Have a great week, everyone!

Beth Lang and Nikki Raquedan

School Counselors