Room 25 News

February 2013

Field Trip - THANK YOU!

Thank you all for sending your children prepared and ready for their fun day on the Rancho last Monday! I appreciate everyone's promptness, preparedness, great manners, and positive attitudes! The students really enjoyed our study trip/adventure. Thank you, also, to our TERRIFIC parent chaperones. You are very much appreciated!

CA State Writing Exam

4th Graders will take the California STAR Writing Exam on Tuesday, March 5th. We have been busily preparing for this test all year, and our students are ready to ROCK THIS TEST! Please ensure your child eats a healthy breakfast, and gets an adequate night's sleep in advance. Thank you!

Week of Work (WOW Folders)

Check in with your child this weekend and review their Week of Work folder with them. Students received their grade for the Land Grant iMovie Partner Project (read over their rubric to see how well they did!), their most recent Science Test (below proficient scores need a parent signature, then return to me), and their ELA packet test.

Appointments & Early Release

A growing issue in Room 25 is the request to release students for appointments within the last 30 minutes of our school day (sometimes even minutes before the bell rings). The end of our school day is not "down time;" rather, it is often our most hectic - I am finishing up important standards-based lessons, students are working on projects (with some iPad-work that cannot be completed at home), we're trying to get homework written in planners, while stowing away our iPads and cleaning up the classroom.

When a call comes in to release a child so close to the end of the school day, it truly throws off the balance of the class, and ultimately that child does not receive timely announcements and information pertinent to their week ahead. Imagine when our room receives 4 phone calls to send 4 different students to the office within a 20 minute is extremely disruptive to our day.

I respectfully request scheduling appointments outside of our school hours. If that cannot be done, please consider picking your child up earlier than the final 30 minutes of the day, and consult the wiki for homework due the next day. Many thanks for your consideration of our learning environment!

Upcoming Dates & Reminders:

  • Thursday, February 14th is our Valentine's Day Party. Our community project will benefit the animals from the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Students are being encouraged to seek out used towels, blankets, and unexpired dog/cat food to donate to the animals there. Our class Valentine Exchange will follow a presentation from H.W.A.C., along with a tasty Chocolate Fondue Fountain! Yum! Check your email for all the details from our Room Coordinators, Jackie & Isela.
  • I was incorrect in my last news update...our final day for the 2nd trimester grading period is February 15th. All work completed after that date will be reflected on the final report card (3rd trimester).
  • The week of 2/18 - 2/22 marks our President's & Admissions Holidays. There is no school the entire week; we will resume Monday, 2/25.
  • Thanks to one amazing artist in our class, Room 25 has been awarded a Pizza Party with the RSF Firefighters! Unless your child has a food allergy, or doesn't like pizza, you won't need to send a lunch on Thursday, February 28th. The award-winning Fire Prevention Week artist will be revealed on the day of the party.
  • Conference week & minimum days begin 3/11; details & signups will be available the last week of February.
  • Mark your calendar for Friday, March 22nd - 4th Grade Gold Rush Day! Student performance at 1:15pm in the there or be square!
  • Spring Break is April 8 - 12th.

Academics At-A-Glance

Be sure you are checking in to your child's Edmodo account to see their work, and read my comments on assessments and projects!

Math: Students are loving Geometry! With so much vocabulary to remember, students are creating "Geometric Terms" Keynote presentations to make it more tangible! Please ensure your child watches their lesson Edmodo lessons before they come to class.

English Language Arts: Theme 4 is all about "Working Together!" We are learning new vocabulary, as well as how to analyze text structure, make inferences, and find an author's theme. Grammar and spelling are always a big focus...correct these errors at home, too!

Social Studies: We're heading West! The U.S. is looking to expand, and trappers have paved new trails for settlers to move to California. Ask your child about the historical fiction novel we began reading today, Patty Reed's Doll. The novel chronicles an age-appropriate version of the Donner Party and the adventures/hardships of their westward travels by wagon train.

Science: Earth to all 4th graders...Earth Science, that is! We will begin our study of the earth with Chapter 3, Rocks and Minerals: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.

  • Please help your child use their study guide to study for their Social Studies & Science exams. Quiz them, and ask them to explain their answers (we are seeking comprehension, not rote memorization). Students should study at least 15-20 minutes each evening before their test; study guide questions are taken directly from the test!