Six weeks TEKS

by gabrielolague

Brainstorming Ideas (Graphic Organizers):

The best way is to make a circle: O. This is your main idea. Now add several lines around the circle. these are you ideas for your story. This is how I brainstorm. Here's a picture of a other example on the right ---->

Revising and Editing Technique:

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(A) Explain the influence of the setting on plot development:

The setting is the place where a story takes place. Its is important because without a setting there would not be a story and without a setting where would you know where the story is?

(B) describe the importance of plot and setting when creating stories:

Plot and setting is important because without plot there is no setting, and if there's no setting there's no place of a story, which means no story.

(C) analyze different forms of point of view

The 3 types of forms of point of views are: 1st person, 3rd person omniscient, and 3rd person limited. 1st person is where you are the character. 3rd person omniscient is where you know everyone's thoughts and actions. 3rd person limited is where you know ONLY a specific characters action and thoughts while you also know everyone else's actions except thoughts.


A grabber is where it makes a reader want to keep reading and get their attention right off the bat.

Body paragraph

A body paragraph is a paragraph that contains a title, 3 detail sentences, and a conclusion.